Jameson's videos
Jameson's Video links... (dates are in yr/mo/day format since they sort better chronolgically)

100801   Jameson, Taylor and Kenzey swinging it
100712   Guitar time with "Jimi Hendrix" Jameson
100525  Shower fun for Jameson
100525  Baby J walks, drops and walks again! He's Super Baby-Dude!
100205  2 videos with Baby J and Kenzey bath time and both playing with Jules
100205  Baby Jameson standing tall with help of a chair
100205  2 videos of Baby J and Kenzey playing
100205  2 videos of Baby J climbing and crawling around, sits up pretty good too
100205  3 videos of Baby J climbing and playing with Jules
091229   Baby Jameson in the doggy bed
091229   Baby J snacking in highchair
090911   Baby J after breakfast
090908   Baby J playing with toys
090907    Baby J bouncy bouncy
090827   Baby J on the front porch
090824   Baby J playing w/toys on a blanket
090821   Baby J and Old MacDonald
090821    Baby J being Baby J

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